With over 45 years of experience, it is one of the leading companies in Italian thermotechnology. Always committed to integrated energy management. TERMOTEK has inside an area of research and development oriented to the continuous improvement and aimed to achieve excellence of the products and services offered to the customer. Uncompromisingly items built with the best components on the market, and with the most advanced manufacturing lines, the most prestigious and leading-edge in Europe and in the world.
Business planning focuses on optimization of installation and maintenance operations for industry professionals.
For this reason, a TERMOTEK item it is easy to manage and offers the user maximum reliability, safety and energy savings.
About our products: boilers, water heaters, air conditioners, water softeners each component is built with high quality materials: steel, copper and brass, with high protection electronics.

ErP ready!

Energy related Products

New European regulations on heat generators

Erp stands for “Energy related Products”, products related to the use of energy, and it is the abbreviation that identifies the European Directive ErP 2009/125/EC, defined by the EEC with the aim of reducing the energy consumption of products through an eco-friendly design. The scope of this European Directive is extremely broad. Following the publication in September 2013 of a series of implementing regulations, from 26 September 2015 they also applied to heating products and sanitary hot water production. Since the same date other regulations have also been implemented and they will implement the energy labelling of the same product category. The purpose of energy labels is to enable consumers to easily identify the level of efficiency of a product.

Low NOx

High Efficiency Low Emission

New European regulations on heat generators.

The Low NOx series is designed to achieve high efficiency and low pollutant emissions, which becomes savings for the user. The new directives, UNI EN 297 on wall-mounted exhaust and the European Directive 2016/2284 – entered into force in Italy in September 2018, redefined the national commitments to reduce pollutant emissions and the implementation of programmes to control the impact on ecosystems, setting the new NOx emission limit for gas water heaters not exceeding the 56 mg/kWh weighted average threshold. TERMOTEK with the Low NOx series,  provides the user with a triple benefit: less polluting emissions, greater efficiency and greater savings, thanks to a new burner that allows to minimize NOx emissions and reach the energy efficiency class 6 as required by the directive erp (Energy related-Products). The new Low NOx TERMOTEK product range includes all conventional and condensing gas boiler models and instantaneous open-chamber and sealed chamber gas water heaters to efficiently and economically meet the demand for sanitary hot water, minimising the impact on the environment.

5 years warranty

Extended Warranty Program

5 years NO STOP is the exclusive extension program of the conventional warranty from 2 to 5 years, offered by TERMOTEK. By joining this program you will ensure your TERMOTEK device maximum efficiency and safety, thanks to the programmed maintenance carried out by our Authorized Technical Assistance Centres. In fact with the program “5 years NO STOP” you have all the services provided in the conventional TERMOTEK warranty but for the duration of 5 years.


Free original spare parts:

In case of need, the replacement of a damaged component, according to the terms of the warranty, will be carried out with original spare parts and guaranteed without any additional cost.



The 5-year programme NO STOP is combined with an annual routine maintenance contract for the duration of the extended warranty period, as provided for in DPR 412/93-551/93 and D.Lgs 192/05 – 311/06 and subsequent amendments, which oblige the person in charge of the gas boiler or wintry and summery air conditioning system to fulfill the periodic maintenance performed by professionally qualified personnel. In this way you will be able to fulfill legal obligations by entrusting to the TERMOTEK Authorized Technical Assistance Center in your area, which will guarantee an efficient and highly professional service. Do not renounce to always keep your gas boiler in efficiency, and to reduce consumption respecting the environment