Gas boilers

TERMOTEK, uncompromisingly gas boilers built with the best components on the market, and with the most advanced manufacturing lines, the most prestigious and leading-edge in Europe. Gas boilers designed and built to optimize installation and maintenance operations by industry professionals. Our Partners are the best European producers, the best components of the sector for development and TERMOTEK production

  • Gas valves HONEYWELL, SIT
  • Burners
  • Igniters ANSTOSS ZAG
  • Extractors , FIME, SIT
  • Primary heat exchangers GIANNONI, SERMETA, VALMEX
  • Plate heat exchangers SWEP
  • Modulating circulators GRUNDFOS
  • Security systems PINTOSSI+C
  • Expansion vessels ZILIO


Gas Water Heaters

TERMOTEK gas water heaters from the AQUA Power range are compact, reliable, with modern design and compact dimensions, they are easy to install and use.

Built with the best European technology available for gas systems useful for the production of hot water for sanitary hygiene, represent the achievement of a new level in hot water production for ease of installation, saving and comfort.

Coil made entirely of copper, gas valve with continuous modulation for an extremely efficient regulation of combustion, for maximum energy efficiency, shielded electronics and high protection degree.

Water temperature detection system to allow perfect integration with solar panels.

The AQUA Power models are available in open chamber and sealed chamber versions, in the capacity of 11 or 14 liters to satisfy all needs.

Maximum comfort with the TERMOTEK gas water heater. It is possible to set the desired and constant water temperature with precision thanks to its digital display.

Maximum safety, thanks to the safety thermostat: ionization flame control systems, and in open chamber models thanks to the smoke anti-back flow safety that automatically blocks the water heater in case of the risk of immission of fumes and gas into the environment.

Electronic control of the power it is possible to optimally adapt the operation of the device to the conditions of use and to the temperature of the hot water, ensuring maximum sanitary comfort and optimizing gas consumption. AQUA Power is the TERMOTEK gas water heater line

Air Conditioners

AIRPLUS+ redefines the state-of-the-art in intelligent inverter air conditioners.
With the new TERMOTEK air conditioners, we take climate comfort to a new level with innovative technology. The range of our heat pump air conditioners for heating and cooling uses environmentally friendly refrigerant gases, combining maximum quietness with modern design, so that your space can always be an oasis of freshness and tranquillity. Our constant search for products with high technological innovation guarantees your comfort.
TERMOTEK for its line of air conditioners uses the most advanced production lines in the world, our commitment is to offer products of high technological value and high energy efficiency all equipped with the most powerful inverter technology.
More energy saving:
Control of electricity consumption
Constant outlet air temperature
Ultra low operating frequency
With AI inverter algorithm
Self-learning function
Automatic air conditioning management
More Comfortable:
Fast cooling and heating
Output temperature drops to 18°C in 30″
Temperature output up to 40°C in 60″.
More Performance:
Cooling even at high outside temperatures
At 50°C outside no decrease in cooling performance
At 60°C outside maintains effective cooling continuously

Water purifiers

Water Softener

TERMOTEK water softeners use the most innovative technology based on the latest regenerative generation resin filters  time – volumetric.

The water softeners IDROPUR TERMOTEK remove water hardness by reliably reducing unwanted substances such as magnesium and calcium, in a word: limestone.

This helps to protect pipes, technical installations and appliances from damaging limestone deposits, saving you money and energy, offering you a better quality of life.

Thanks to the water softening systems, the filtered water provides a pleasant feeling on the skin and facilitates the cleaning and hygiene operations of the house.

But the most important thing is to be able to rely on a high quality fresh water at any time.

Reverse Osmosis Purifiers

Reverse osmosis is a water purification method that uses a semi-permeable membrane through which it is possible to make a sort of water filtration.

In the osmosis process, however, unlike filtration, a certain pressure is applied in order to overcome the osmotic one, which in the end allows to obtain purified water. The percentage of substances removed from a TERMOTEK reverse osmosis purifier is extremely high, reaching 99.99%. The reverse osmosis process is a natural physical mechanism, which is why a purifier based on this system does not recall any chemical. The result is excellent oligomineral water, pure, light, healthy and of high quality. The OS TERMOTEK system is the innovative reverse osmosis purifier that allows you to have top-quality light water and, free of pathogens and contaminants with low conductivity. It adapts to different needs allowing you to adjust the salinity of the water according to your taste and your needs. Our reverse osmosis technology and its filtration system ensure you a perfect water for drinking, and for cooking, allowing you to eliminate plastic bottles and have a better and safer water directly from the tap of your house.


TERMOTEK offers the original range of accessories for heating sector for gas boilers and water heaters, hydraulic and electronic accessories for air conditioners, for professionals of the sector is available the entire range of original replacement parts to always provide an efficient and quality service to the customer.